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Programming Competition

Deloitte Consulting’s Orlando Invitational Programming Competition is now being held each year at the Deloitte Orlando Delivery Center. Several teams from across the Southeast United States compete for bragging rights and prizes as they write software programs to solve problems during the four-hour competition. The standard programming competition guidelines are here.

February 27, 2016


Deloitte USDC (U.S. Delivery Center)
901 International Pkwy #100 Lake Mary, FL 32746
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Deloitte Consulting is a leading global management and technology consulting company. Deloitte’s Orlando, Florida office is a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) onshore facility for delivering high-quality software development and IT services with teams working in areas such as Oracle/PeopleSoft, Java,.Net and Business Intelligence. We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our team. See our Campus Recruiting Site for more information.

Programming Competition Specifics

  • Penalties only count if the problem which incurred those penalties is submitted correctly.

  • A tie is broken based on the team with the lowest total time.

  • Total time is calculated as follows: Amount of time from the start of the competition to the time of the correct submission plus a 20 minute penalty for each incorrect submission.

  • This year we're going to allow graduate students to compete for prizes. Teams can consist of 3 participants with up to one graduate student. If a team would like to compete with more than one graduate student they may do so but they won't be eligible to win prizes. There is no age restriction for students who participate in the competition.

  • If students with special needs wish to participate we ask that you communicate that to us as far ahead of time as possible so that we have time to make the proper accommodations for them. Send a message to USDC Programming Competition Support.

  • Participants in the competition will need to be familiar with the latest version of CentOS Linux ,as this is the operating system that the competition image will have. Students will utilize Deloitte computing equipment and will boot from a USB drive with CentOS installed.

  • A local network will be set up to allow competitors to submit their problem results to the judges. There will be no internet access available to competitors during the competition.

  • Languages to be used in the competition are C, C++ and Java.

  • The Eclipse IDE will be provided for use by competitors.

  • Students will be allowed to bring as much printed material as they can carry for use as competition reference material. There will be no use of digital media for this purpose.